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The DVD is now available and can be purchased at class or online. Please contact us for more information on 0121 251 6172 or via email

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Hi, This shop has been set up to sell our DVD's and Books Plus we have also been asked if friends and family can buy lessons as gifts so I've added that too.

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Tai Chi and Chi-kung for Chronic Conditions £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

 tai chi for Chronic Conditions


Seated Tai Chi and Chi-kung £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

seated tai chi


Tai Chi Chi-kung (2nd 18 shibashi) rare training DVD of 2nd 18 Shibashi. The 2nd set is more active and challenging than the well known 1st set so is a natural progression. You can see the set on out videos page. £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

2nd 18 chi-kung


Tai CHi for a Healthy Heart and Mind - The DVD includes patient interviews, 1st 18 Shibashi and the 1st section of Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi form. Please notethis DVD comes in a clamshell case. £15 in FREE P&P in the UK

Tai CHi rehab DVD



"View from the back of the class" is a collection of works by instructors and students. Inclduing are some really funny cartoons of the form too. For a sample chapter and index of contents please email us. Both Volumes are available in paperback direct from us and Kindle format on Amazon. For more information or email us

Paperback versions are £15 each or £25 for both (includes FREE P&P in UK). Volume 3 will be available later in 2016

view from the back of the class


students confessions vol.2


Buy Volume 1 and 2 for special package price of £25 ***


FREE Tai Chi in the Park

Tai Chi

In addition to our regular tai chi classes in the daytime and evening we also run FREE tai chi and chi-kung classes in local parks. As the list of classes grow we will add them and update them here.

The is a summer and winter season which runs April to October and October to April. Some classes may close for the winter season due to lighting so please always check.

Small Heath ParkMondays10.30-11.30am
Bloomsbury ParkTuesdays9:30-10:30am
Handsworth ParkTuesdays10 -11am
Cofton ParkTuesdays10:30-11:30am
Sheldon ParkTuesdays11am-12pm
Chamberlain GardensWednesdays1-2pm
Perry Hall ParkWednesdays10-11am
Bournville ParkWednesday6.30-7.30pm
Westley Vale, Acocks GreenThursday10-11am
Cotteridge ParkThursdays10:30-11:30am
Summerfield ParkThursdays11-12pm
Rowheath Pavilion, Bournville Thursdays12-1pm
Walkers Heath ParkThursdays12-1pm
Laurel Road CSC, Handsworth WoodThursdays1-2pm
Billesley CommonThursday2-3pm
Balsall Health ParkFridays9.30am (women only)
Victoria Common, NorthfieldFridays12.30-1.30pm

For more details please email us or call Mark on 07831 743737

facebook park group


active parks 



If the weather isn't so great one week then you can still practice at home with this video




PtR came into existence on the basis of the 2 factors below;

  1. I had been practising Tai Chi for around 20 years and my husband Mark Peters is a founding member of the Kai Ming Tai Chi Association (
  2. Drawing on our joint knowledge Mark had become deeply involved in rehabilitation programmes within the NHS for Cardiac patients, people with COPD in addition to providing specific falls prevention training for staff within the caring sector.

As a State Registered Nurse I had worked in various roles within the Health Service for around 40 years. The last 25 as a Practice Sister for a General Practitioner within the community.
Kai Ming has many main stream tai chi classes for the general public in Birmingham and across the Midlands, and the health benefits to the practitioners have been noticeable over the years. (Our book “A view from the back of the Class” was published last year containing personal stories from many of these practitioners).
However as a nurse I became aware of the many client groups who because of varying circumstances where excluded from attending the evening main stream classes.

I gave this a lot of thought and then sat down with Mark and again we pooled our specialised knowledge to put together a programme for this client group.

It had to be suitable for ALL levels of ability, and we where very conscious of the financial implications for many of the community groups who would benefit from what we could offer.

A community interest company (CIC) seemed the best option as this would be none profit making and this way would hopefully allow us to keep cost to the minimum.

It took us a year to ready our instructors for PtR - we already had 23 fully qualified instructors within our sister organisation, Kai Ming, who taught general tai chi classes across the Midlands so we called a general meeting with them put forward our ideas for the formation of PtR and asked who would be interested in spending a year on further training that would focus on tai chi for rehab and chronic medical conditions.

The training involved not just the special exercises for specific groups but also workshops that looked at the various medical and physical conditions they might meet in the course of their outreach classes, plus how to deal with problems that may arise from this. To this end, all instructors have up-to-date CPR certificates. As an organisation we have all the relevant policies in place e.g. health & safely, risk assessments, vulnerable adults etc.

We chose carefully from our main stream instructors for their personality and ability; they also had to be available during the day. This meant they are all people who really show a dedication, and empathy with the groups they would be working with.

Working with the NHS, we ran a pilot study for cardiac rehab patients (phase 3 & 4) which gave excellent outcomes resulting in the first even NHS funded Tai Chi for rehab DVD; this DVD is free to all cardiac rehab patients. This fed into the pulmonary rehab program (COPD) where we provide sessions on tai chi (exercise) and NLP/CBT (anxiety management); we are smashing the national average of 75% patient retention with a 90% plus retention since we started in 2009. Using tai chi as an alternative to circuits has proven very successful as patients enjoy it more and we are increasing their heart rates to 120bpm without de-saturation.

We are still striving to obtain funding that would enable us to cover instructor’s costs so that we could deliver our classes, without a charge, to service users who are not in the financial position to take advantage of PtR.
Until we are successful the charges are kept to the minimum and the instructors are self employed, covering all their own costs and tax.

It is very motivating for Mark and myself that we have had such encouraging feedback from the classes now run by PtR from clients and managers.

If you know of any funding or sponsorship we could apply for PLEASE let me know, as a nurse I am used to begging for money and am very committed to this project becoming a FREE SERVICE.


Here is our team of Instructors, including Mark & myself



Balanced Approach
rehab training including tai chi, NLP, CBT and hypnotherapy

Kai Ming Association for Tai Chi Chuan
Nationally recognised Tai Chi organisation focusing on the Cheng Man Ching style of Tai Chi Chuan

Falls Prevention Training
A nationally recognised company focusing on using tai chi and qigong as the core to its falls prevention program

Midlands Rehab Training
A specialist organisation applying tai chi, qigong, CBT (cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and more as a program for rehabilitation. They work with Cardiac, COPD, falls, pain management, mental health and more and are unique in the UK.

West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre
Often the people we work with have anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain etc so we refer them to the West Midlands Hypnotherpay Centre for hypnosis, CBT, NLP, EMDR and life coaching

We keep our charges as competitive as possible. Please call 07831 743737 to discuss or e-mail us via the contacts page.

tai chi in the park


We can charge per session where your organisation pays an agreed fee, or we can charge per person. Again please call to discuss on 07831 743737 or 0121 251 6172



Training programs are designed based on your needs - from a 1 day introduction to tai chi for rehabilitation to a full qualification for your staff to deliver tai chi in-house

Our aim is to offer sessions to everyone, regardless of physical fitness or ability.

For more information of what tai chi & Chi-kung (qigong) can help with please ask or visit the NHS website by clicking here

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